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Youth Soccer Pickup Games


Wednesday & Friday Youth Pick Up Soccer Games

Boys & Girls  
6:00 pm-8: 00pm  
2 hour session  
$ 10 


Pinnies & Ball Included 

Locker Room Showers  

Top Turf Technology 

Cleats Allowed

Toddler Classes


The Five Toddler Training 

Starting from 18 months & up! 

It's never too early to get started with soccer! 

An energizing class for the kids & parents! 

´╗┐Just $ 10 per player! 

Tuesday 11 am-12pm 

Wednesday 6 pm-7pm 

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Adult Pick Up Soccer Games


The Five Indoor Soccer Announcements Pick Up Soccer Games Every Day!

A fun atmosphere where players can come to play, make friends, and enjoy a good workout on the field. Every session is 2 hours in length. Each night is geared towards a specific group of players for even more enjoyment.

Come as a single player or bring your squad. The cost is $ 10 per player for the session. You can drop-in or book online!

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Le Five Christmas Cup Tournament - Men's Open & 30+!


1st Annual The Five Christmas Cup - Men's Open & 30+
$500 for Winner
3 games guaranteed
Team Fee:
$175 until Dec 8th
$200 from Dec 9th to Dec 15th
$225 from Dec 16th to Dec 19th


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