Le Five Concept

5 against 5 players

5-a-side soccer is the most accessible and skill developing soccer concept for youth and adults.


  • Accessible to any soccer level for a good workout and a laugh 

  • Provide the best environment for skill development and field awareness 

  • Provide a very competitive and challenging environment for advanced players 


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The Five Field

  • Small-sided Field Size 

  • Playing surface is a no-infill turf for fast-paced games and reduced risk of injury  


  • Enclosed field by wood panels and nets to keep the ball 


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The turf

The turf is the most important aspect of the soccer experience. Our turf technology offers a great experience while providing a safe environment for players. 


  • No-infill technology (Goodbye to the toxic rubber pellets) 
  • High density of Fiber
  • Thick foam protection to reduce the risk of injury and impact on the body

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the five sports bar

The Five Experience goes beyond the soccer aspect! 


  • Sports Bar with Food, Beverages and Beer & Wine !!  

  • Lounge area with sofas, high tables and TVs to hang out with your family, friends and Fivers! 

  • Shower rooms with individual showers are also available.